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Current vacancies - from internships and jobs for working students on bachelor- and master-thesis projects.

Options for BSc./MSc. students or student assistants

We are continuously looking for passionate individuals who are interested in joining our team for pursuing a thesis project.

Currently open projects

1) Biomolekularer Transporter für anti-tumorale Wirkstoffe

2) Wundheilung und elektrische Felder

3) Development of automated cell culturing system

4) Tumor cell migration 


There are several other options for students. If you are interested, contact Prof. Dr. R. Kemkemer.

Options for Ph.D. students

There is currently no open position.

You may inquire possible openings for Ph.D. students if you are a highly motivated, accomplished student with an appropriate educational background in biophysics or biomaterials.
Possible candidates must have a good German language proficiency and a MSc degree.

If you are interested, contact the lab member Prof. Dr. R. Kemkemer.