DGBM-Kongress 2016 - Two posters were presented..

"Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien" 29. September - 01. October 2016 in Aachen

Paper 1:

K. Athanasopulu, *R. Kemkemer, G. Lorenz, L. Kutuzova

Functionalization of PU-based materials for orthopedic applications

>> Read full paper at "BioNanoMaterials - DeGruytrer.com" << (Page 158)

Paper 2:

*B. Gittel, R. Kemkemer, R. Krastev, K. Athanasopulu, A. Rudt

Modification of polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings using nanoparticles to optimize adhesion and proliferation of different cell types