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Behaviour of C2C12-cells on curved PDMS-substrates

The goal of our project was to investigate the behaviour of C2C12-cells on differently curved polydimethylsiloxane-surfaces.

Using bioluminescence of Pyrocystis lunula to measure changes of oxygen concentrations caused by for example global warming

Temperatures on the planet are rising. Simultaneously the oxygen levels in lakes and marina are decreasing and causing damage to wildlife and the water system in general.
By using the bioluminescence of Pyrocystis lunula we want to measure the oxygen concentrations of water.

Mechanical stretching of lung epithel cells

Thea aim of this study was to elucidate the influence of different respiratory conditions using cell proliferation and cell-cell contact assays.
Two stretching models were designed to simulate relaxed breathing and breathing during physical activity.

Physarum Polycephalum: An intelligent slime mold

The aim of this project was to optimize the culture growth of the physarum polycephalum to duplicate the slime mold often for use in experiments. The physarum polycephalum is an intelligent slime mold that is often used as a model organism in biology and geography.